noble swine supper club

June 29, 2010: Menu

Posted in menu by nobleswine on July 1, 2010

Noble Swine Supper Club   June 29, 2010

  1. thyme, pink peppercorn Leopold Bros. Gin Gimlet
  2. smoked blue gruyere stuffed cherries, whiskey gastrique/Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Manhattan
  3. cous cous, haruki turnips, purslane, anise/Dry Dock Brewery Apricot Blonde
  4. chilled pea soup, mint, fennel, warm samosa dumpling/Mountain Sun XXX IPA
  5. rye steamed bun, corned beef tongue, kimchi/Black Shirt Brewing Co. Red Ale
  6. carrot sorbet, cilantro, ginger/Montanya Rum and Oogave Ginger Ale Dark and Stormy
  7. Novo espresso-crusted pork loin, cherry compote, cocoa ricotta, marinated chard/Amalgam American Black Ale
  8. red velvet cake, beets, chevre/Brazil Cup of Excellence French Press

In addition to the makers of the products above, Noble Swine Supper Club thanks the following purveyors for their delicious local goods and their contributions to this dinner:

Many of the farmers at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, all the Alt Bros, Black Shirt Brewery, Marczyk Fine Foods, Mondo Vino Wines and Spirits, Savory Spice, and —of course— all the wonderful people at Crema Coffeehouse.


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